The founders

Meet Our Founders, Paul And Michaela Day.

Paul is an accomplished chef with extensive training. Paul began his career as a butcher, working with the late Rod Woodwood to open his first store in Staffordshire before becoming the first English butcher in London's Chinatown. Afterwards, Paul began his culinary career, first at Mezzo (John Torode) and later as sous-chef at Nobu (Nobu Matsahisa) and Namm (David Thomson), both of which held one Michelin star. Paul relocated to Prague, met Michaela, and launched Sansho and Maso a kobliha after earlier successful businesses (such as opening Khew in London). In their first year, both received Michelin Bibs.

Michaela is an experienced lawyer with extensive environmental law experience in cross-border transactions, as well as a pioneer in the food business. Because of her love for sustainable concepts, she has been at the forefront of pushing sustainable and ethical practises in the food business in Central Europe. Michaela creates TRMS strategies and serves as an independent advisor and lawyer on environmental and social sustainability issues in industrial and agricultural investments.

In 2011, Paul and Michaela founded the Real Meat Society. They challenged local preconceptions by opening a shop offering solely Czech meat from pastured animals of exceptional quality, which was thought to be an impossible task. They pioneered the dry-ageing and organic meat industries in the Czech Republic, as well as the local produce movement. Their present effort is to bring organic beef to a bigger audience and make it as widely available as possible.